How to trade the Magic MA EA using the GBPAUD: End of December 2014

The GBPAUD Analysis

Each Expert4x continuously traded EA get to 2 currency setting reports for FREE. For the Magic MA EA the EURJPY and the GBPUSD are provided as the Free currencies and their reports can be viewed when using the menu to the right.

The GBPAUD has a comprehensive and up to date analysis available as result of Paid requests received from clients in terms of our new EA analysis and settings service. Please use the menu of the right to get more details about that service


If you have paid for this analysis and have your code please use this link to access the EA analysis and settings page for the GBPAUD


GBPAUD Analysis 2014


If you would like assess to this report supplied by our EA Analysis and settings service please use the PayPal button below. You will receive your access code and part of the PayPal transaction so wait for a few seconds after your transaction has been completed to receive your code.

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This service uses data supplied by a third party (mainly TickStory) and software supplied by a third party (MT4 Strategy tester). It also uses a Genetic Algorithm to reduce testing time. These could have internal unknown weaknesses. Although good information like when the EA performs well and when it does not, Historic price action can at best provide a GUIDE for trading into the future. Expert4x and its employees and associates can therefore not be held responsible for any trading results that occur as result of the above information. The information is mainly supplied for educational and trading support guidance. Please use this information supplied in this service at your own risk.

Also consider the general risks involved in Forex trading and never risk any money you cannot afford to lose.

Also please bear in mind that different data bases using different time zones and the use of the Genetic Algorithm may produce inconsistent testing and optimization results even if the tester uses the same apparent information. You may experience different results in your own optimization activities. Our recommendation it to go with the results you can personally put the most trust into. Please remember that optimization is not an exact science and testing results can vary considerably. Therefore use the results as Guides and back the results up with other outside information and common sense where possible.