Expert Adviser Analysis and Optimization Service


Please note that the prices below can change at anytime without any warning !

In 2015 Expert4x will be starting a new service which entails the analysis of Expert Advisers. This analysis includes finding out how the EA works and identifying the best trading conditions for it. It also involves doing optimization and testing to determine settings that worked best in the past.

This service will extend to our own Expert4x EA where we will supply 2 initial analyzed currency reports for every one of the Expert4x EA for free. Further 3 monthly updates are available at a nominal fee - see below.

Some Examples of the Information Generated by this Service

Example of such the analysis reports can be found at these links:-

MAGIC MA EURJPY        How to trade the Magic MA using the EURJPY

MAGIC MA GBPUSD       How to trade the Magic MA using the GBPUSD

Additional Magic MA Currency Option

We are happy to supply clients with additional currency reports of their choice for a nominal fee. If you would like any other currencies analyzed in a one time report please use this PayPal button. The fee is $30 per currency.

After you have made you payment use the PayPal "message to seller" facility to let us know which currency you are interested in or send an email directly to Mary at Expert4x specifying the currency you would like a report on

The Free and paid reports will be updated on a regular basis (only after at least month has expired) based on demand from clients and market conditions.


ANY EA Analysis and Optimisation service

If you need ANY commercially available EA comprehensively analyzed and optimized and tested taking favorable and unfavorable market conditions into account you can also have that done. In order for Expert4x to do this service it is your responsibility to provide authorized access to the EA to be tested and evaluated. In addition 1 currency will be tested and optimized.

Please use this PayPal button if you would like to use this service


  • David Smith

    Reply Reply December 22, 2014

    This looks really good. I have had great troubles getting the strategy tester on mt4 to run despite using it for some time a while ago.

    • Alex du Plooy

      Reply Reply December 22, 2014

      So you are battling to get the strategy tester to run – can you be more specific about the problems you are encountering and the types of solutions you have tried

  • Gulbert

    Reply Reply December 22, 2014

    Dear Alex
    The proposed services would be very valuable – especially for those EAs whose default parameter settings do not match the sales hype with undisclosed settings and have so many parameters to set that it is nearly impossible to arrive at any one profitable combination of values, let alone an optimised set.
    However, my past experience with most orders through PayPal is such that I would only issue new orders for any product/service through
    PayPal in future with extreme reluctance if I do so at all.
    All orders, refunds and disputes re orders made with ClickBank for the last three years were satisfactorily and professionally settled, which has not been the case with PayPal.
    I consider it a great pity that your sales are handled by PayPal and not ClickBank. In particular witn respect to forex software products, the quality of service rendered by ClickBank is far superior to that of PayPal and is to the better advantage of both clients and vendors.
    Sincerely yours,

    • Alex du Plooy

      Reply Reply December 22, 2014

      We have been in this business for 10 years and we don’t agree with the 60 money back guarantee of ClickBank – it attracts the worst type of customers. We do not offer any refunds as our products are well tested and work as technically intended. The Paypal button are supplied now so that you can lock in your prices and avoid the future price hikes – you can always cancel at anytime.

  • David Smith

    Reply Reply December 22, 2014


    Sometimes it just runs through with no results at other times it just stalls after getting a few results. I have a very powerful laptop with plenty of memory. Last year when I first got the MMA EA I had no trouble. Maybe it is the new versions of mT4. Is there another way to test outside of mT4.

    • Alex du Plooy

      Reply Reply December 26, 2014

      Unfortunately not one we know or have experience with. Sometimes clicking of the stop button gets the tester going when it stalls. You will needs to read the error messages when you get no results – specially the ones with red icons


    Reply Reply January 10, 2015

    Hello Alex
    Thanks for offering this service. Are you guys able to do renko analysis and optimization?

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